1.The e-books EL SER UNO in the ENGLISH, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE language are for free reading.

2.EL SER UNO suggests reading them in order as they are written in the form of numbered questions and answers.

3.Click on the language you have chosen. Click then on BOOKS to register entering your first and last name, country, e-mail address and password. Click on “registered” to access the library and on the book you wish to read. If you already are a member of the Readers’ Club, just enter your e-mail and password.

4.You should never allow another person to use your e-mail and password for free reading. If this person were reading when you wish to access the library, the program would block you since it allows reading only on one device at a time. If you are reading on a computer and wish to continue reading on a mobile device, you first must proceed to LOGOUT and then access the library via the mobile or any other reading device.

5.After you register on our website, we are glad to welcome you as a NEW MEMBER of the Readers’ Club EL SER UNO. This membership means that you have free access to all E-BOOKS for reading on your computer or mobile phone but does NOT allow the download of contents nor will you receive printed copies of the books.

6.We suggest that you always keep track on the websites EL SER UNO in your PC since we seek to update them continually.

7.We also recommend to listen to the complete set of AUDIO-LIBROS on IVOOX.

8.If you have any problem please, click on NEED HELP? at the lower right part of our sites sending us a note.

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