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  1. The editions in the SPANISH, ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE language of EL SER UNO are for FREE READING
  1. EL SER UNO suggests reading the books in order since they are a sequence of questions and answers. Please, observe the step-to-step procedure on this page to register for trouble-free reading.
  1. You may not share your e-mail and password with others persons or reading devices. If you intend to read the books on more than one device at a time, using the same e-mail and password the program will block reading. You must therefore shut down this device before accessing another one.
  1. Please, note that becoming a member of the READER’S CLUB – EL SER UNO only entitles you to free reading from the web side EL SER UNO but not to downloads, nor to receive the books in the printed form.


If you REGISTER FOR THE FIRST TIME, please, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on BOOKS on the menu to select the book you wish to read. Click on the button ADD TO CART.
  2. Clicking on add to cart will indicate that YOU HAVE 1 ITEM IN YOUR CART (showing the book you chose). Click on the button PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
  3. Clicking on proceed to checkout will ask you for BILLING DETAILS, that is, your e-mail and password (remember you always must enter your e-mail and password for reading). Now click on PLACE ORDER at the bottom of the page.
  4. Clicking on place order will show the message THANK YOU. YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN RECEIVED. To check on the book/books you have selected, click on MY BOOKS on the menu.
  5. After having entered MY BOOKS, click on the title and image of the book you wish to read.

For easier reading, the program allows turning the pages as on printed books. We hope you enjoy it.

If you are A MEMBER OF THE READER’S CLUB already, please, proceed as follows for Reading:

  1. Click on MY BOOKS on the menu. A window will open asking to enter your e-mail and password, the same you used to REGISTER. The page showing the book/books you selected will open. Clicking on the title and image, you are ready for reading.

If you as a MEMBER OF THE READER’S CLUB wish to select OTHER titles, please, proceed as follows

  1. Click on MY BOOKS and enter your E-MAIL and PASSWORD.
  2. To select other titles, repeat steps 1 and 2 as indicated under REGISTER FOR THE FIRST TIME. Regarding step 3, just click on PLACE ORDER. Then complete by repeating steps 4 and 5.

If you want to read your books on another device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and more) remember to access the button: MY BOOKS, then click on the button: MY ACCOUNT and click on LOGOUT. Similarly, before you close the window in which you were reading the book or turn off the device, repeat the same procedure. This will prevent you from receiving the following error when you want to read your books again: “Maximum no. of active logins found for this account. Please log in from another device to continue.” when accessing your account.



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